Properti’s Top Three Marketing Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Properti’s Top Three Marketing Tips for New Real Estate Agents

It’s a tough market out there, and breaking into an industry as volatile as real estate is even tougher. Learning to market yourself and your properties while on the job is like spinning plates, so to make it a little easier, here are Properti’s top three marketing tips for new real estate agents.

1. Create Your Own Website

Step one for any new agent is building your own website. If you’re part of an agency, you’ll probably get a small profile on their website, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be staying there for your whole career. There are plenty of options out there for cheap (or free) website builders, such as Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress. Do a little research and find the one you’re comfortable with, then take a look at more established agents’ websites to find some sleek design ideas. And don’t forget: you can update this at any time. Just be sure to include your regularly updated listings, then maybe a little something to add value for visitors, like a mortgage calculator or an insightful blog.

2. Ask For Referrals & Testimonials

There are few things stronger in consumer psychology than social proof. This is the process whereby someone faced with a decision (such as choosing an agent or property) will look to others within their demographic for more information. This is why reviews, referrals, and testimonials are so important. They provide social proof that you’re a good agent who does the best for their clients, and help bring in those prospects who may have been on the fence. As a new agent, you obviously won’t have any of these to start with, but be sure to ask for them every chance you get.

3. Make Videos

Videos are the most effective form of content in real estate marketing, and maintaining an active social media presence is the best way to get your videos out there. You don’t need fancy equipment or editing software to get started, just a smartphone! It’s a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd of agents out there and offer high-value content to your audience. Some simple ideas for videos to make could be: an introduction to you, a walkthrough of a listing, or a guide to the suburbs you operate in. Take a look around the internet and you’ll quickly find plenty of great sources of inspiration you can continuously incorporate into your video content.