Do More With Less and Dominate Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a big, deep pool of work — and even if you start slowly and learn to swim in the shallow end, before you know it, you’re drowning in Facebook groups, blogs, Instagram reels, SEO, email, Google Ads, Google Business profiles, reviews, it’s too much! In an industry like real estate it’s easy to fall into the trap of over-marketing, with the expectation of finding those perfect leads that’ll give you repeat business and huge GCIs. But there’s only so much time in the work day — and if you spend it all buried in marketing, you’re going to miss out on networking, client liaison, professional development, industry research… Ultimately, it’s poor time management. So where should you really be investing your marketing time so you can get more done without floundering in the deep end of the pool all day? Let’s take a look.

Performance Reviews

The first and easiest step to clarifying where to invest your marketing efforts is to review what you’ve already done. It’s basically a general clean up. Take a step back and look at the bird’s-eye view: where are you seeing growth? Are any of your marketing channels giving a decent ROI? What are your clients saying about where they found you? Or even what they liked about your approach to real estate? This all depends on how long you’ve been running your campaigns, but you should be able to spot the clear winners and losers with some digging. 

Once you know where you’re having success, you can trim away whatever isn’t working out and point your attention towards where it can produce results. You can come back to those platforms later once you are able to devote more time to your marketing.

Integrated Platforms

The next and biggest step in condensing your digital marketing workload is to look towards your CRM. Take a long and hard look at it: if you’re spending the majority of your time turning email lists into social media audiences and crafting bespoke posts and emails for everything and everyone, you’re putting in more effort than you need to. There’s plenty of CRMs and proptech platforms which can streamline your marketing processes without you needing to lift a finger — this is what Properti does. Properti is an integrated social media platform that takes your CRM data and automatically generates targeted social media campaigns for both your listings and your brand promotion. By hooking up Properti to your CRM of choice, you’re going to be saving yourself (and your whole agency) dozens of hours every week on marketing and have incredible visual content to show for it. Other integrated platforms can cover emails, ads, posting to real estate aggregators, and more. Do some research into what’s out there and see what will work best for you and your team.

Do More With Less

Now that you’ve trimmed away the marketing channels that aren’t performing and have chosen an integrated platform or two to streamline your marketing efforts, what do you do with all your extra marketing time? Well your new motto should be: do more with less. Drill down into how your audiences operate online — what social media platforms are they on? When do they check their emails? Do they engage more with photos or videos? You can also do some research into what your local competitors are doing, and how you can learn from their efforts to go over the top of them.

Once you have all this new data, it’s time to apply it. Build content in formats that appeal to your target audiences’ habits. Dig into your social platforms and really learn how they operate. Slowly and carefully sculpt your sponsored content’s targeting to hit the perfect cross-sections of your audiences. Get acquainted with your CRM’s capabilities and how your chosen integrated platforms operate down to the deepest levels.

Basically, spend your time becoming a master of a few carefully chosen tools, rather than a jack-of-all-trades.


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