About us

Properti was born from our desire to make the real estate industry simpler. For everyone, from agent to customer.

We see the real estate sector as fragmented: everyone has a marketing process, but no two agencies do it the same way. Some are stuck with their faces on bus shelters, and some are only found by diving through Instagram hashtags. 

With Properti, we are building a platform that empowers agents and agencies of any niche to easily reach their ideal audiences. Using smart and powerful automation technologies and a bespoke touch, we aim to help agents worldwide reach new prospects and grow their businesses to new heights.

Who Is Properti?

Who Is Properti?

With his extensive international startup experience, Craig leads the charge towards each new goal with unique vision and an obsession with the customer experience.

Babette came to Properti from the real estate industry with the aim to improve it in any way she could. She knows what agents need, and how to deliver it to them.

Aaron can pick up anything technically and put it down working better than before. He makes the Properti back end hum and fixes every issue in the blink of an eye.

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We provide a platform that empowers agents and agencies of any niche to easily dominate their digital patch


We analyse your channels to ensure your tracking to hit your goals