The 3 Types Of Video Content Helping Agents Break Sales Records

Meet Jason Adcock. Jason’s been selling prestige real estate in Brisbane through his agency Adcock Prestige for 27 years – so obviously, social media is a relatively new world for him. But he’s grabbed this bull by the horns and become one of Australia’s most modern and engaging presences in real estate marketing.

I want to take a look at the three kinds of video content on the Adcock Prestige Instagram that have helped bring Jason and his team to the peak of Brisbane realty.

1. The Introduction

It’s not always easy to meet every new lead in person, or even over the phone these days. Of course you want to, but life has its own plans – so why not put together one short video that tells them everything they need to know about you, your agency, and why you’re the perfect fit for them.

Here’s where we get to know Jason, his team, and their personalities as agents. This is their chance to leave a great first impression – and they nail it. You can tell that Jason isn’t reciting a script – his off-the-cuff passion for real estate is genuine and endearing, and he keeps the facts simple and straightforward.

What clicks with me most here, though, is the extremely professional editing. Instead of just one basic view of Jason in his office, we’ve got dynamic camera movement, drone shots, candid footage of sales, screen captures of their digital marketing process, and it’s all underscored by a powerful orchestral soundtrack. This all keeps the video visually engaging while still focused on the message at hand.

2. The Walkthrough

If you follow any real estate industry media, you’ll have seen a property walkthrough or two. They’re always super interesting, and a great way for a prospective buyer to get an immersive view of a property from the comfort of their own home.

Jason and his team have a great formula for their walkthroughs – here’s some tips and tricks that you can lift from their style to make your own walkthroughs stand out:

  • Hire a professional videographer and editor. Shaky footage and low-quality audio will not engage your audience, so having someone with equipment and expertise makes a massive difference.
  • Have a plan. You don’t necessarily need a script (though it can help), but at least knowing the path you’ll walk and the big selling features to point out will make the video much more fluid.
  • Take a practice run. You might have walked through the house a dozen times already, but having that camera in front of you can throw anybody off their game.
  • Schedule it right. A gloomy day isn’t going to show a house at its most beautiful, and a stunning golden-hour view can make a property massively more appealing.

3. The Action Shot

On top of being a great realtor, Jason is also one of Brisbane’s leading auctioneers – and really, there’s only one way to market one’s abilities as an auctioneer, and that’s to show it in action. Jason’s auctions break Brisbane records every other week, and with auctions quickly becoming the primary method of selling in Australia, videos like this do a lot of work to market his immense skills.

The action shot is something of a blend between the introduction and the walkthrough: you want to showcase your knowledge and expertise as an agent, while still maintaining a high quality of videography. Keeping it dynamic, with simple, readable graphics and great shots of the property, makes you and your skills attractive and marketable.

Throughout the last decade, social media has grown from a digital way to keep up with friends into a dominant marketing force. When it comes to real estate, agents who utilise social media to its maximum efficiency are the ones who end up locking in those incredible sales and growing their agencies into newer and more lucrative markets. Learning to wield social media with expertise is one of the greatest tools in the realtor’s belt, and makes that easy. Check us out today.