How to decrease Buyer frustration in a crowded market

Australia’s real estate market has never been hotter 🔥 reports agents are rushing to list their campaigns. At the same time, buyers describe less customer satisfaction and quality time with agents for having meaningful engagements.

Around 1/3rd of buyers are vendors, so the rushed sale leads to less brand awareness.

In today’s Digital Market, you want to dominate with your Signs on the Digital streets as we know that over 40% of buyers and sellers are passive. So the brand value increases with a listing time extension on both the sales portals and the social media campaigns. More time on the market effectively engages more buyers to build brand awareness. Producing more of this exposure is worth a Mozza in branding.

Buyer satisfaction requires time spent with the agent and time with the brand. Both of which lead to increased sales and ongoing leads. A social Just Sold campaign to the digital audience created during the campaign creates an invaluable source of engaged enquiries!

Carpeting those enquiries during an active phase builds up the branding communication strategy and leaves a lasting impression. So the next time they see your brand, that familiarity is already present. Bringing you closer to your customers and creating a more personalised interaction overall.