The Jason Adcock Formula to 3X Your Income in 1 Year

The Jason Adcock Formula to 3X Your Income in 1 Year

Jason Adcock has been one of Brisbane’s premiere real estate agents for the past 28 years. His sales portfolio has reached into the billions of dollars, he holds Brisbane’s record for highest sale at auction ($12 million), and he’s known for unparalleled customer service and equitable media commentary with his strong insights into the property market. 

But things have been changing in the real estate world over the last few years, and, following some wake-up moments in his personal life, Jason has decided to change with them. In doing so, Adcock Prestige Real Estate has tripled its gross commission income over the past twelve months. How did they achieve these huge results? Let’s take a look.

1. Social Media Marketing

With people adapting more and more of their lives into the online space, it’s only natural that buying and selling real estate would follow that trend. But Jason took it one step further. Adcock Prestige does more than just post a “just listed!” or “just sold!” post every now and then. They allocate a set budget of between $3,000 and $10,000 per property to design thoughtful video content and market that content across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Display Ads. By devoting this level of social media attention to every listing, Adcock Prestige now sees 75% of all their listings PLUS 50% of all their buyer inquiries coming in through social media.

Adcock’s digital social media strategy is to provide a digital version of every part of the real estate listing cycle. This includes short sneak peek videos that give buyers a quick taste of the property, online auctions filmed on location promoted via a Facebook event. This is an incredibly successful strategy often getting the highest engagement of all digital content. A Self promotion budget of 10% of annual GCI so that potential vendors get to know Jason and the AP experience before they meet.  This means that Adcock Prestige are invited many times as the only agent because the service AP offers is very well known via the extensive digital marketing strategy.

2. Video Content

Social media is great, but if you’re not using the right content then people won’t be paying attention. For real estate, that content is video. Adcock Prestige focuses on three types of video that fit well with their high-end real estate demographic: showcases, walkthroughs, and updates. These are cut up into simple, bite-sized pieces that viewers can quickly absorb and move on.

Showcase videos are high-quality sweeps through a property set to upbeat, classy music with no narration. They let the property speak for itself, with beautiful slow shots of every room and view from the property, giving a potential buyer’s imagination run wild at what life in this house might look like.

Walkthrough videos are similar, but more detailed. They follow Jason or one of his fellow AP agents as they step through the front door and guide the viewer throughout the entire house. As you see the property, the agent talks through details like the size of the house and the land, the architecture style, and nearby landmarks like schools or recreation areas.

Updates are the fewest and farthest between in Adcock Prestige’s social feeds, in line with that 10% rule we mentioned in part one. They’re updates on Adcock Prestige life, such as welcoming a new agent into the family, or Jason’s recent keynote speech at the Australian Real Estate Conference.

Utilising similar strategies in your own operations takes time and money, but if Adcock Prestige’s record is anything to go by, it will be worth it.

3. Technology

Social media isn’t the only modern technology available to real estate agents. Adcock Prestige take their commitment to innovation to the next level by utilising cutting edge proptech — plus incorporating more commonplace technologies into the typically low-tech property world — to maximise their content’s reach and efficiency. 

Adcock’s “high-touch” strategy involves two core tactics: QR codes on everything, and automated SMS messages. 

By having QR codes on every piece of physical advertising and signage, Adcock Prestige is able to swiftly direct both the broad local public and any interested parties at open house showings towards the correct web pages. They also provide Adcock with additional data on the viewing audience that allow for more refined targeting in the future.

Automated SMS messages allow Adcock to stay top-of-mind when a potential buyer shows some interest in a property, without overly pressuring them or coming off as rude. They collect phone numbers during an open house, then send one message immediately after the open house closes, then a second one two weeks later. These messages are short and sweet, and include Jason’s phone number or an alternative link to make an offer online.


Lastly, Adcock Prestige also has a secret weapon: us. Properti uses advanced machine learning algorithms to swiftly design, develop, and deploy still and video content to all of Adcock Prestige’s social media platforms. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Properti’s social media automation can boost your commission revenue the way it did for Adcock Prestige, fill out our form below.


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