How social media is critical for 2021

While 2020 unraveled as unreliably uncertain, 2021 marked the cross over into uncertain as the new norm. The impact of this has created changes across many industries.

Particularly face-to-face markets, with real estate being high on that list.

With fewer face-to-face activities, agents now work more behind their screens to engage with customers through various technologies. 3D tours, streaming video walk-throughs and leveraging technology to compensate for the proximity gap. Moreover, there is a heavy dependence upon social media and online platforms as the go-to tool for marketplace interactions.

As agents try to stay up to date with the shifting market pulse and technological changes, social media as a channel of information provides a broad view of the frequent market changes.

The consequent benefit garnered from social media engagement is having a closer view of the market needs and details. The more posts and active engagement, the better the market forces are understood.

Talking with buyers and sellers is not just good customer service. It’s a way of evolving and updating one’s knowledge base to the changing landscape of the real estate market.

Therefore always be looking to engage—the more presence, the more branding, the more business, the more sales and the more agile. Engage, engage & engage!

A real estate agent, Kirsten had listed a 5 bedroom house for sale on the Gold Coast. After the buyers had purchased the property, she highlighted the new couple who bought the house in a Facebook post—presenting it as a featured client success story. The many friends and family of the new owners saw the shared post.  One of the people who saw how happy the new owners were and decided to list their property for sale with Kirsten. So now, she had a new listing without doing any of the problematic outreach.

On a final note, keeping a social media presence that aligns with the agent’s brand is essential for maintaining a golden reputation. If your personal page is public and doesn’t align with the core business principles, it may help to keep your personal ones private and maintain the business as the public face.