How to Cross-Post to Instagram And Your Facebook Page.

Few would doubt the fantastic benefits social media posting has for agencies. But ensuring efficient and effective posting means more time for getting new listings and closing out deals. And for a busy real estate agent, that’s what counts.

Facebook, Instagram’s owner, has included a nifty little feature for cross-posting. There are settings to connect and then post to Instagram while also posting to Facebook on the page manager. And conversely, Instagram will also cross-post back to Facebook. It’s just a matter of connecting the accounts or pages.

On Facebook , tap on Settings | Instagram .

Then log in to your Instagram account.

Once the accounts are linked, then tap the Instagram option to cross-post.

Facebook cross-posting feature is useful. If it’s just for posting some pictures of a day out at St. Paddy’s day or a Fathers day BBQ, but it’s limited in comparison to Properti’s cross-posting tool.

Properti does much more than cross-posting to a range of social media platforms. It also provides content management, promotions, analytics reports and supports teams, all in one place. It’s a bespoke solution designed for real estate agents and agencies.

Properti’s cross-posting feature does Facebook, Instagram and also LinkedIn and Youtube. It covers multiple platforms at once, meaning less time spent on arduous marketing. Just set up the content to post, which it will pull in from a creative, massage it as needed and then post it across all networks. So you can see your listing go live or scheduled to publish with a couple of simple clicks.

The adverts will pull in the content from a single managed creative. These marketing tasks usually take too much time to complete. Because it’s not just the posting, it’s storing the assets, finding them, making changes and repeating the process. In Properti they are stored and available to share quickly.

There’s a creative assets tool for making new media. Video assets get created from photos, and it will add the text overlays automatically. It’s making simple videos available in seconds, not hours.

When it comes to reaching the right audience, there’s no need to leave it to chance or luck either. Properti has a CRM connection in place. So you can upload all your customer email addresses, and Properti will identify them on Facebook. Working also with Facebooks features such as a lookalike audience. The disconnection between marketing and the CRM is instead now closely connected.

When it’s time to check how the campaign is doing, the analytics are shown from multiple platforms. The data is broken up into various segments by location, age, gender. Instead of visiting numerous platforms to view data or create custom reports laboriously, it’s all available now in one place, ready to go.

Essentially, Properti tracks everything. It puts the necessary elements of running a real estate business at your fingertips. That’s why our customers love us because we take the brunt of the work, allowing them to spend more time with clients.