8 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Use LinkedIn to Get Leads

Here are eight reasons to use LinkedIn for Real Estate

1. Designed for business

While other platforms are more social, and users tend to access them to unwind, people will use LinkedIn when they are in business mode. LinkedIn can easily be used to find an agent to buy or sell a home through targeted searches. Buying or selling a property is a significant transaction, and most people will do some research before choosing an agent. LinkedIn profiles can be checked by potential leads and can be considered before they decide whom they will call. On LinkedIn, you can post about your business, as that is what it is designed for.

2. Getting the right leads

Breaking into the luxury real estate market is not easy, and competition is fierce. Your network doesn’t necessarily include a number of millionaires or their associates that are looking to buy or sell a property. On LinkedIn, you can start connecting with people in that space and even add that particular person you want to engage with. If you have a LinkedIn Premium account, you can access unlimited people searches, industry news, 10 InMails per month, competitor data, analytics, and more. While this is a paid service, your message will be one of four or five rather than hundreds if you had just sent them an email.

3. Target leads through a professional relationship

The majority of sellers want to work with a professional whom they feel they can have a level of trust in and seeing that you both belong to the same association or went to the same university can be a powerful connection. Seek out people in your network or connected to your network and direct message them. Finding some common ground like they are doing something that you are interested in can be a conversation starter. From there, you can work into the conversation that if they are looking to invest in real estate or have questions, that you are available.

4. Your Content Will Stand Out More on LinkedIn

Social media is popular, and that’s why many people use it for lead generation. While this is great, it means that you are competing with larger numbers of posts to get engagement. Thinking that the more you post on Facebook, the more engagement you get isn’t always authentic and friends and followers can soon find this annoying. On LinkedIn, you can get a higher engagement rate as your audience is targeted, and you are competing with fewer people. To engage with your audience, you can share relevant information about mortgages, market trends, or interesting property facts. This will keep your content focused on business.

5. Post Open Houses and Events

With a targeted audience, the same posts you have on other platforms can have a better chance of leading to a connection on LinkedIn. You can use your usual apps or programs to create specific listings and share the information on LinkedIn.

6. LinkedIn – Made For Connecting

One of LinkedIn’s aims is to get people to connect and stay on the platform longer. A benefit of LinkedIn is being able to connect with the right people. A professional network, LinkedIn wants people to connect and they actively try to set you up with suggested connections. Using behind the scenes algorithms, LinkedIn can see whom you reach out to or who views your profile and then suggest potential connections.

7. Using Hashtags and Engagement

Research has shown that with large groups, they follow the idea that most of the action is done by a small number of people. Take a look at your own business, and you will probably find that the majority of revenue comes from a small portion of your outreach efforts. The majority of people on LinkedIn never post anything and only reach out to connect, and this gives you a better chance of having your content seen.Regularly posting a mix of content can have your posts gain visibility on LinkedIn. Using appropriate hashtags will have your posts appear in the feed of all of those following – for example, #realestate has over 4 million followers on LinkedIn.

8. Be Consistent – Effort or Automation

Some people find allocating time to post regularly to be a hassle. This can be addressed by automating part of your posting strategy and using a tool that posts to multiple channels e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn. However, the best outcome is automated, curated, and custom content as a part of a content plan. Part of your strategy to use LinkedIn for lead generation should be consistency. Plan to post content regularly and use a mix such as original short articles, re-sharing interesting content from others, FAQs, and events. Posting regularly and having people engage with your posts will make them more visible overall on LinkedIn. Take the time to analyse the types of posts that get the most engagement. This doesn’t mean that you just look at the number of likes or comments, but look at these in relation to how many followers you have. Align your content with what your visitors want.Now is the time to include LinkedIn as an important part of your lead generation strategy. Take some time to research and plan. Post content and monitor for engagement and adjust to suit your targeted audience. Engage with those who react to your content. Reach out and connect with those who are your ideal audience and the leads will soon be coming your way.1