5 Tips for Attracting Buyers Post-Election

5 Tips for Attracting Buyers Post-Election

With the Australian federal election over, the real estate industry is reacting swiftly. Industry leaders are expecting that listing volumes will rise and vendor expectations will join them — but buyers aren’t feeling the same need to rush into the purchase as before. This means that agents have needed to pivot the ways they market themselves on social media, moving away from courting sellers and towards attracting buyers. Now, the election also gave agents some great lessons in how not to attract leads online (see: the UAP’s $100 million advertising campaign), so here are Properti’s five real-world ways to better attract buyers through social media in 2022.

1. Showcase The Property

Buyers typically aren’t hiring you as an agent — they’re much more interested in seeing the properties you’re representing. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’re putting the property front and center at all times, rather than using it as a backdrop for marketing yourself. 

Social media is a different ball game to property search engines or your agency’s website. On social media, your audience typically hasn’t gone looking for a specific property — instead, it’s been placed before them. Therefore you need to deliver it in that same personalized, homely way. Not too flashy or artsy, just real.

2. Don’t Drag Out The Marketing

Single campaigns used to be the norm in real estate marketing, but social media has changed that in many ways. Since you’re now able to use tools like look-alike audiences and targeted advertising, that campaign window can be shortened to as little as 7-9 days. This means your campaign strategy needs to adapt to fit. 

Some experts suggest splitting your campaign into three stages: pre-market, active, and get-ready-to-buy. To use a film analogy, this is like the teaser trailer that hints at the plot, the official trailer that showcases all the characters and narrative, and then the movie itself. All three should be purposeful, but the last leads to the most satisfying experience.

3. Kick It Off With A Bang

On social media, you have three seconds to attract a buyer’s attention. If they don’t see something they want within those first three seconds, they’ll just scroll on by. This is why agent introductions just aren’t working anymore — buyers don’t want the agent, they want the property.

When building a post for a particular property, ask yourself: who is the demographic? What are they going to love about this home? Then put those features front and center. If you can pique their interest quickly, you should be able to get their engagement.

Also, remember that video content is king on social media. If you can put together a quick, snappy video that showcases what your target buyers want to see, you’ll be on the right track.

4. Keep It Simple

Consumers in every industry are all about convenience these days, and that includes real estate. That means your buying process should be simple — even asking interested buyers to call or email you at XYZ address can be a step too far. Instead, you can use your content — whether that’s speaking in a video or podcast or in the captions of an image — to point your prospects towards your bio, which you will have set up so they can click one or two buttons and get in touch with you immediately. It’ll make their experience so much easier than copy-pasting your details from a caption or trying to catch them from you speaking.

5. Bring Buyers Into The Loop

Agents are used to keeping sellers abreast of any updates on their sale, but what about buyers? It can be as broad or targeted as you like, but be sure to spread as much information about each property as possible into your buyer-facing channels. Is there only one week of inspections left? What contract options are available? Are there updated reports on property trends available? What documents will a buyer need when they decide to lock in a purchase? 

Remember, buyers don’t purchase anywhere near as often as agents sell, so it’s your job to guide them through the process. If you can provide positive value at this stage, chances are good they’ll remember you again when it’s their turn to sell.


As with many things, the shift in government has shaken up the real estate industry swiftly and powerfully. It’s an interesting time for agents, and the need for agility is higher than ever. Don’t be afraid to change things up — especially if you’re seeing that what used to work well is suddenly not cutting it. Social media is the most powerful tool at an agent’s disposal, and Properti are the real estate social media experts. If you’re interested in taking your social media campaigns to the highest level, fill out our form below.


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