5 reasons why your real estate business should have a LinkedIn Company Page

If you’re a real estate professional and are already on LinkedIn, then you probably know how beneficial this social media platform is for business and networking. However, many people still aren’t aware that they can have a LinkedIn Company Page too. With a LinkedIn Company Page your brand will become more visible and you can take advantage of the useful analytics tools it provides you with to help attract quality clients and generate more leads.

According to Hubspot, LinkedIn produces 277% more leads than Twitter and Facebook, making it a very effective social media tool for real estate. If you’re not on LinkedIn or don’t have a company page, you could be missing out on many opportunities to build your organisation’s profile and connect with your target audience.

Here are our top five reasons why we believe you should have a LinkedIn company page.

1. You can gain quality followers

When you set up a LinkedIn Company Page the right way, you’ll attract more clients, find valuable employees and gain a lot of new followers by posting useful content to the page.

The great thing about using LinkedIn Company Pages for real estate business is that you can specifically target investors, high net worths and landlords. As the platform is more of a business focused environment than other social media sites like Facebook, you will find business centric individuals, doctors, lawyers and other professionals that have higher household incomes, who will likely be in the market to buy or sell property at some stage.

There’s no need to wait for the leads to come to you. You can easily connect with other real estate professionals, and past colleagues, contacts or clients. The company page is a valuable resource that allows you to invite up to 100 people per month to follow your page.

LinkedIn has committed to making its presence less noisy so has reduced the number of invitations page admins can send out each month. Previously, page admins could invite more than 1000 followers each month. This meant the platform became very spammy and the quality of followers declined. LinkedIn stopped businesses from being able to send invites at all until November 2019 when they brought the feature back at a reduced capacity.

If invites are accepted you receive another credit which equals one more invite. This means admins can send more than 100 invites per month if some of them are being accepted. It’s a great system for finding your target audience and connecting with people to gain a quality following.

2. You can still generate organic reach

When you share your company updates and news from your LinkedIn Company Page, unlike other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn still offers you the ability to grow a large organic following on the platform. With consistency and effort from you, you can find a lot of success in this process.

By setting engagement targets via the analytics tools, you can track your progress over time. Commit to posting regular, quality content at least once per day to increase brand familiarity. Posting in the morning and after business hours can see the best results, and publishing video content will also maximise your reach.

Other things you can do to generate more organic engagement is:

  • Respond to comments
  • Use hashtags
  • Include more CTAs (calls-to-action), and use a link.

Always make sure to mix up the content type you’re producing to keep people engaged and interested in your business.

3. Take advantage of the free analytics tools

Recent changes by LinkedIn to prevent users from spamming page followers have been made to cut down the noise in the ecosystem. However, they have added some great tools that make it a valuable resource for real estate agents.

As mentioned previously, you can set engagement goals. You can also see who your followers are and their demographics. With LinkedIn analytics, you will be able to see what content of yours is popular and what is not. Not only that, but you can also track clicks, impressions and interactions. This means you can figure out what content type you should produce more of to engage your followers and gain new ones.

By examining the metrics available to you, you will be able to generate more real estate leads making these tools a very important feature.

4. You can find hireable employees

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, so it makes perfect sense that they have Career Pages and Job pages with listings. On your company page you can also post open jobs and connect with potential future staff members within your own existing network. Any jobs you post on the career pages will inevitably see potential employees visiting your page to find out more information about your business, brand and reputation. Ensure your page is optimised to attract the right candidates.

On another note, all your employees can be listed on your LinkedIn Company Page. Essentially, they can act as ambassadors for your brand helping you to attract more and better talent. If your employees are sharing your content and job posts, this can also help you find quality hires.

5. Become more visible on search engines

Just like any other website or social network, LinkedIn Company Pages rank highly on search engine results pages. This is another way to help your business get discovered by the people who are in need of your services and products.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for the real estate industry and can make a huge impact on your lead generation. It’s quick and easy to set up a company page and will produce great results for your business if you use it and the available analytics tools to your advantage.