3 Clever Ways to Generate More Real Estate Referrals

Talk to any realtor and they’ll tell you that they find some of their strongest clients through referrals. Referrals come from you providing such an exceptional client experience that those clients then go on to tell their friends, family, and co-workers about you. Those people then remember you when it’s their time to wade into the real estate market, and become your new clients.

Knowing how to provide that level of service is key to building your business, and winning organic referrals from your connections requires careful planning. Here’s a few ideas to get your strategic brain kickstarted so you can start building a stronger referral base.

1. Hold Client Events

One of the most memorable ways to really stick in your clients mind is to invite them to be part of a memorable event. These can be as simple or as elaborate as your budget allows, but the event itself depends on your audience.

For example, if your clients are mostly families, offering a private screening of a new movie will make the whole family happy, and when they’re asked how their weekend went, they’ll be sure to mention you and your event.

Other potential events you could hold include: a hosted trivia night, a guided tour of a museum or gallery, a barbecue, or dinner at a high-end restaurant.

2. Build an Online Community

For many people, once they’re settled into their home, they won’t be thinking about realtors until they decide to get back into the market. Even if their friends and family are looking at buying, if you’re not at the top of their mind then they may not think to refer your services.

This is why building an online presence is so important — you’re able to stay present and active in your clients’ days and show them how devoted you are to their community. Instagram is a great, cheap place to start, but upgrading to a service like Properti can help you cover more digital ground more easily.

3. Maintain Communication with Former Clients

Keeping in consistent contact with your clients is one of the biggest keys to repeated referral business. Whether it’s emails, social media, texts, or physical mail, keeping your name out there is your top priority. Taking it a step further and tailoring your communiques for each client is a great way to stay memorable and keep the client happy with your level of communication. Sending them a happy birthday card will probably make their day!

Ensuring you have a solid, full-featured CRM will be a huge help in scheduling, tracking, and developing these communications. Make sure you find the one that works best for you and your plans.

Staying memorable is a huge challenge in today’s fast-paced society, but it’s a goal worth fighting for if you want to boost your business to the next level. Ultimately, if you treat your clients well then you’ve already got your foot in the door, and it’s all follow-through from there.

These were just a few of the dozens of ways to keep the referrals flowing in. If you have any that have worked well for you, get in contact and let us know!