10 Real Estate Videos Smart Agents Are Using


These days everyone is making videos, but few are doing it right. However, it’s the ideal way to generate and nurture leads. Integrating videos into your social media audience provides more than just general information on properties. It provides a channel to make personal connections between you and your crowd – if used well.

1. Personalized videos.

Video is an amazing way of telling a story. Personalised videos are a way to offer advice, answer questions or even target a topic for a specific important client.

Youtube and Facebook video views have been falling, as their suggested videos often show unrelated suggestions. After watching a house inspection on youtube, the following video might be going straight to home gardening.

An easy way to get more views is to deliver via email. Link the email content via an embedded video that goes back to your social media page.

Ideas for personlised videos via email:

Private listing walkthrough videos

Explainer videos for buying or selling process

Answering specific common questions

An explainer video for a group of listings

Walkthroughs of downtown or local shopping areas

Summary of local school districts.

Tips and tricks

Keep videos under 2 minutes long

Only answer one question at a time

Invest in a decent mic

Use a tripod and stabilize videos

2. Listing walkthrough videos

Throughout 2021 lockdowns, the dream was for everyone to preview lovely walkthrough videos of listings from the comfort of lying in bed. Keep the dream alive, and customers will enjoy the extra time saved.

Tips and tricks

Hire a pro, even if just for editing

Have a game plan

Invest in a stabiliser

Write a script

Practice the walkthroughs and shoots

Do it on a sunny day

Pro tip: use Properti to add text overlays and professionalism to your video once ready.

3. Educational videos

By offering your local expertise in a conversational way, your audience can take away valuable information while also getting to know you. It gives a chance to show off your sense of humour and your speech. At the same time, you are sharing information that makes it easier for them to understand things.

Ideas for educational videos:

First time buyers guide

Neighbour guide

Closing costs explained

Buying or selling process explained

Houses vs body corp apartments explained

Tips and tricks

High-quality mic

Break up complicated topics into multiple videos

Use graphics or charts

Write script

4. Agent intro videos – make a memorable video

While it’s hard to keep up with every new lead due to life’s demands, we can still get to know people through a captivating intro video. It’s a chance to showcase your personality and expertise. Unlike a blog, a video puts your personality out there.

Tips and tricks

Use pro editor

Dont just use bio

Talk about family or personal life

Add music

HQ mic

Write a script

Get it previewed and checked before posting


5. Drone videos

Drone videos have become the industry standard nowadays, and it’s expected to have them. They are wonderful for generating more sales and giving that birds-eye view that clients love.

Tips and tricks

Creating emotional moments, not just details

Script the shot list first

Make sure licensed

Use a pro

Reuse the neighbourhood shots if possible.

Show the property lines.

6. Creative videos.

Real estate videos have moved from ‘nice to have’, to crucial for some markets. Going the extra step to make a creative video adds a radiant sparkle to your brand personality in higher-end markets.

Tips and tricks

Know your audience – will they appreciate it.

Keep it under 5mins for creatives

Feature local musicians or artists in your video.

7. Facebook live

Nothing gets buyers more excited than a tempting big play button arriving in their email with an exclusive or hard to find property for sale. Adding some descriptions about ‘not missing out’, also helps to build urgency and exclusivity. Nothing makes buyers keener than being told they can’t have it.

Use Facebook Live to show videos with a sense of urgency. There’s no better platform for nurturing leads than Facebook.

While millennials have been abandoning the platform, the Gen X’s and baby boomers are staying put to see the newest baby photos.

So Facebook live is the place for time-rich leads to tune in, sit back and let you take control.

Tips and tricks

Behind the scenes

Sneak peek of a brand new listing

Live tour of a pocket listing

Talk directly to them

Boost your stream

Use it like a live show

Aim for 15mins+

Keep it flowing and avoid dead time

Include another agent to keep the convo flowing

8. Instgragram – IGTV videos

Unlike Facebook videos, IGTV videos that do well can become a quick hit and drive extra traffic. People want to see exclusive access to places you might not ordinarily take them to. To peak behind the scenes and get inside info.

Tips and tricks

Keep it short 5mins or less

Good mic

Add graphics

Background music

Include humour

Take them behind the scenes

Insider tips or secrets about your market

9. Neighbourhood tours

It’s all about location these days. Take, for example, the booming region of Byron Bay. With Hollywood celebs and a-listers driving up prices. Location is high on peoples list. They all want to know what the neighbourhood is like, and a great way to answer that is a neighbourhood drive-through.

Google street view is quite different from a personal tour from a knowledgeable agent. This is especially useful for out of town or state buyers.

Tips and tricks

Plan your route

Don’t shoot from car

Hire decent videographer

Make sure the sun is in front of you

Use pro mic and wind deflector

10. Client testimonial videos

Written reviews might sound good, but they can also be faked from a client’s point of view. Even though it’s unlikely the clients don’t always know that. It’s much easier to cut through the crowd and provide social proof using a powerful client video testimonial. The testimonial if done well can capture the happy customer’s story. Information like; where they came from, why they came here, how was the sales process made more straightforward. These all make for personal and relatable stories that draw in more clients.

Tips and tricks

Approach clients for a video testimonial a week after closing

Combine videos, eg. your intro

Try to shoot them in the same place

Give them a basic script to follow if need be

Combine a few testimonials into one